A quirky new Cafe’-Bar called Baba Yagas has recently opened in Whitey Bay England and supports artists including Kurt Max.  Several ROCK ART PORTRAITS by KURT MAX have been sold there including a large original Bob Dylan portrait (seen below).

Rock Star Art Prints Original Art by Kurt Max

Rock Star Art Prints by Kurt Max Artist Musician. Hand signed and numbered Rock Portraits. Charcoal, watercolor, digital editing

We’d like to give a huge thanks and appreciation to brother and sister duo Madé Stores, 25, and Kester Stores, 29. After growing up in Whitley Bay, the pair were keen to bring something new and unique to the area and decided to make their new bar and café the stuff of fairytales.

The pair opened the doors of Baba Yaga’s House on May 31, with the aim of creating a cosy and quirky space with a welcoming atmosphere “where everyone feels comfortable and happy”. Wood-paneled from floor to ceiling with antler chandeliers, a hanging wicker egg chair and artwork filling the walls, the venue is a one-of-a-kind addition to Whitley Bay.

Open from 11am until 11pm every day except Monday, Baba Yaga’s starts the day off as a café before transforming into a late-night bar. Coffee and soft drinks are on offer for brunch and lunch time visitors, along with a hearty sandwich menu served until 5pm.

The venue boasts a cocktail menu for later in the day, including a Baba Yaga rum special with a fruity mix of pineapple, cranberry and lime, as well as a wine list. There are also sharing platters served up from 11am till 9pm so that guests can treat themselves to a charcuterie or cheese board for lunch or dinner.

Another element that sets Baba Yaga’s House apart as a unique venue is its support of local artists and businesses. The artwork adorning the wooden walls of the café and bar is all by talented local artists – and most of it is available to buy, with Madé and Kester offering the space to artists for free

The café doesn’t just double up as an art gallery – potted plants also line the windows of Baba Yaga’s that are on sale to visitors. These quirky aspects of the venue are all part of Madé and Kester’s dedication to support and encourage local businesses.

Note:  I have borrowed much of this content from an online article by Catherine Addison-Swan found here chroniclelive.co.uk. Please view the original article also.  Thank you.

Even though the Bob Dylan original art was sold at Baba Yagas you can still get “hand finished”, limited edition numbered, signed by the artists, prints of it here Bob Dylan Prints.

Baba Yagas supports artist Kurt Max and they have a Facebook page found here Baba Yagas Facebook.

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