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As a young musician I started out playing drums but quickly realised that if I was to write & record songs I’d need to play other instruments as well (guitar, bass, keyboardist, vocals, recording producer etc). After playing in countless bands in the Los Angeles area I eventually found myself recording without a band.  By default I became a ‘One Man Band’.

Using my video and audio production experience I enjoy creating these music videos.  I have divided my recordings between original pieces and covers of various songs that have special meaning for me.

I ALSO remaster classic rock videos and make them available on my YouTube channel.

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Rock and Roll Sanctuary – Kurt Max

No One Else – Kurt Max

Textbook Insanity – Kurt Max

Don’t Ask Why – Kurt Max

It’s About Time (For Love) – Kurt Max

Hear Me Lord – Kurt Max

Sensory Overload – Kurt Max

Chasing The Dragon (Jazz original) – Kurt Max

Sanity (feat. Leon Hendrix) – Kurt Max

Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (cover) – Kurt Max

Strawberry Fields Forever (cover) – Kurt Max

Born To Be Wild (cover) – Kurt Max

In The Court Of The Crimson King (cover) – Kurt Max

Sympathy For the Devil (cover) Kurt Max

Stand (cover) Kurt Max

Crosstown Traffic (cover) Kurt Max

Green River (cover) – Kurt Max

Are You Experienced (cover) – Kurt Max

God Alone Is – feat. Geoffrey Giuliano

Nature’s Way (Spirit cover) – Kurt Max

The Kinship Carers (music video)


Artist & Musician • Northumberland • United Kingdom

Kurt Max Artist and Musician
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