Steppenwolf Videos Rare and Remastered

Steppenwolf is a legendary band with iconic songs and stage presence.  The band started with humble beginnings in a Hollywood garage. They combined the raw sexuality and honesty of Blues with the social awareness of Folk. Adding to the mix was a healthy ‘Dose of Psychedelic’. Finally, Steppenwolf topped it off with stacks of amps turned to 11.  They had a rare blend of being lyrically aware enough for intelligent and sensitive fans while simultaneously being energetic enough to satisfy even the wildest party people! Their music defined the “Coming of Age” 60s generation as well as any other band in popular history. Lucky for us, they were too stubborn to die off early. As times and fads changed Steppenwolf soldiered on through an outstanding line-up of personnel.  John Kay, Jerry Edmonton, Goldy McJohn, Rushton Moreve, Michael Monarch, Nick St. Nicholas, Larry Byrom, George Biondo, Kent Henry, Bobby Cochran and other fantastic musicians…

This page is a tribute to the filmed legacy through rare promotional videos and live performances!

All ‘Steppenwolf Videos Rare Remastered‘ on this page have gone through the remastering process as described below (unless noted otherwise).

“As a fan and collector of rare classic rock videos, I have specialized in finding the very best quality rare Steppenwolf clips to remaster. By using modern video production skills, each clip has had the image and sound enhanced by adding clarity, vibrancy and punch.  Every effort is made to present the highest quality videos.” K Max



Steppenwolf Sookie Sookie 1968 promo film

Steppenwolf Don’t Cry Beat Club 1969 Fan made video
Steppenwolf Rock Me Beat Club 1969 REMASTERED

Steppenwolf Rock Me (Junk Yard Version) Remastered  …………………….


Steppenwolf Born To Be Wild 1969-05-23 Sporthal Mechelen, Belgium


Steppenwolf Jupter’s Child 1969-05-23 Belgium “Thanks to bucka001


Steppenwolf Playboy After Dark 1969-12-17 – REMASTERED


Steppenwolf Lovely Meter – P1 TV Show Germany 1969 ……


Steppenwolf Magic Carpet Ride P1 TV Show Germany 1969


Steppenwolf None Of Your Doing P1 TV Show Germany 1969


Steppenwolf – Screaming Night Hog – Promo 1970 REMASTERED


Steppenwolf – 40 Days and 40 Nights – 1970 – REMASTERED


Steppenwolf – Hippo Stomp – 1970 TV Special – REMASTERED ………..


Steppenwolf – Renegade – 1970- REMASTERED ………………….


Steppenwolf – Foggy Mental Breakdown – 1970 – REMASTERED


Steppenwolf 7 “Album of the Week” TV special – 1970 REMASTERED


Steppenwolf – Snowblind Friend – 1970- REMASTERED …….


Snowblind Friend – Steppenwolf – Something Else – 1970 …………


Steppenwolf – 1974-11-18 Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert – REMASTERED


Steppenwolf Hour of the Wolf – Live 1975-12-08 Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert – Santa Monica


Artist & Musician • Northumberland • United Kingdom

Kurt Max Artist and Musician
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